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registered office is C/O Biggin Hill Primary School, Biggin Avenue, Bransholme, Hull, United Kingdom HU7 4RL.

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Our PE curriculum is enquiry based, fully inclusive and meets the needs of all learners, starting from building strong foundations in our EYFS, supporting and challenging them on their journey to being secondary ready, and ultimately ensuring that they are equipped with the cultural capital, skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the future.

Meet our PE Coordinator


Our vision for PE is that ‘pupils will leave primary school physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a lifelong participation in physical activity, healthy life styles and sport.’

We endeavour to support excellence in P.E. through promoting healthy active lifestyles. To engage in competitive activities and develop a determination to excel in a broad range of physical activities.

We believe that a broad and balanced PE education is the entitlement of all pupils, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, class, aptitude or disability. It is our vision that all pupils during their journey will display the essential characteristics of physically active pupils:

  • The willingness to practise skills in a wide variety of activities and situations, alone, in small groups and teams and apply these skills in chosen sports with a high level of performance
  • High levels of physical fitness, and the ability to remain physically active for a sustained period of time
  • An understanding of how to make healthy lifestyle choices
  • The ability to swim at least 25 metres before the end of Year 6, and the knowledge of how to remain safe in and around water
  • Exceptional levels of originality, imagination and creativity in their techniques, tactics and choreography and an understanding of how they can improve performance
  • Highly positive attitudes towards sport and competition, and the opportunity to represent the school in a variety of sports.

Biggin Hill has achieved the School Games Gold Mark Award, a Government led award scheme facilitated by the Youth Sport Trust to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across our school and into the community. Success is based on different aspects of school sport for all and including those young volunteers, leaders and officials who make sport possible.


From the beginnings of PE teaching in our EYFS, we develop skills in PD (physical development) in ‘Moving and Handling’ and ‘Health and Self Care’. Children practise good control in large and small movements. They are encouraged to move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space. They handle equipment and tools effectively, including pencils for writing. In EYFS children know the importance of physical exercise and a healthy diet, and talk about ways to keep healthy and safe. They manage their own basic hygiene and personal needs successfully.

The teaching of PE at Biggin Hill Primary Academy is carefully designed, planned and implemented to ensure that all pupils are challenged to fulfil their potential. PE lessons are rich in resources, vocabulary, questioning and content enabling them to develop mastery of the aims of the National Curriculum.

PE lessons are taught discretely in order to give depth and breadth to the curriculum area.


The PE curriculum is assessed against the following essential learning objectives:

To develop practical skills in order to participate, compete and lead a healthy lifestyle through:

  • Games
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Swimming
  • Athletics and outdoor and adventurous activities

The impact of the PE curriculum is measured through subject specific learning walks, teacher and pupil discussions and data analysis. The school leadership team, subject leaders and governors relentlessly drive the PE curriculum forward and monitor it vigorously.

PE Skills Progression

PE Long Term Plan